Patients with diabetes

Did you know that Medicare allows for 1 pair of shoes and 3 pairs of inserts for Type 1&2 diabetics?

You’re one of a kind. Yet, you share with 16 million other Americans diagnosed with diabetes the lack of having one source for all the products, supplies, information and professional support you need to manage your diabetes.

We offer a wide variety of health-related products you need – from strips, glucose meters, prescriptions and lifestyle information to OTC medications, health and beauty products and nutritionals, we’re the one source that provides convenient access to trained diabetes professionals for the expert care you want. Sand Run Pharmacy is a one-stop source for complete, comprehensive diabetes care.

· Variety of Diabetes-related products/supplies
· Practical lifestyle information and support
· Trained diabetes professionals

We know that you need more than medication alone to live and enjoy a long healthy life. That’s why Sand Run Pharmacy provides all the products, supplies, information and lifestyle support you need. We’re close by, convenient and “one of a kind”…just like you!